About us


Factory of Building Elements

Eurobeton d.d. developed from the company Beton-Prelog, which was founded a hundred years ago as a craftsman's cooperative, and today operates as a privately owned joint-stock company. The company employs experts of various specialties, who follow the latest trends in world technology. Ownership of the highest quality sloping reservoirs on the surface of nearly one million square meters guarantees Eurobeton d.d. leading position in this part of Europe.


The latest technology and the future of the company

Today Eurobeton d.d. has state-of-the-art technology with automated electronic management, which ensures high quality and European standards. On the market are known as Eurobeton products d.d. because they are of the highest quality in all capital buildings in Croatia due to the exceptional quality of pebble material quartz and quartzite enriched.

Eurobeton d.d. produces high-quality products for bargaining, hexagonal plates of various dimensions that can withstand high water penetration.

Also Eurobeton d.d. the only one in Croatia specializes in the production of concrete mounting rails of all profiles for sewerage systems according to the most demanding European norms, where the only ones in this area are the concrete prefabricated panels with an embedded plastic bottom (kinetom).